The teen age son of Amjad Sabri Reciting beautiful Hamad Karam Mangta Hoon Ata Mangata Hoon among media and Public. This hamad o naat was most famous kalam of Amjad Freed Sabri for his popularity.

Amjad Sabri’s cute son pays beautiful tribute to father with powerful reciting of ‘Karam Mangta Hoon___ Ata Mangta Hone Ilahi Mein tujh se ata Mangta hon.

What’s more, it gives the idea that her petition has been replied. The legacy of the colossal Sabri siblings will, all things considered, keep on being taken forward as is obvious from a video of Amjad’s child paying a sincere tribute to his dad. The youthful Sabri separated and his profound interpretation will most likely move you to tears also.

At a late assembling, Amjad’ child presented Karam Maangta Hoon and blew everybody’s mind with his hypnotizing and capable voice as well as immaculate conveyance of one of his dad’s famous works.The  Amjad Sabri son Pay Tribute to His Father By Singing His Qawwali in beautiful voice after going of his father from the world. He pays tribute to father, breaks into tears of all public and audience in front of his…

Cute Amjad Sabri Son Reciting Karam Mangta Hoon to Tribute his Father



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