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The event marks the day of remembrance of the Battle of city once Islamist Hussein ibn Ali, the grandson of Muhammad PBUH, was killed by the forces of the second umayyad caliph Yazid I at city. relations, incidental to Hussein ibn Ali, were killed or subjected to humiliation. The commemoration of the event throughout yearly mourning season, from 1st of Muharram to twentieth of Safar with Ashura comprising the focal date, serves to outline shia communal identity. At present, Muharram observances ar disbursed in countries with a large shia population.


One variety of mourning is that the theatrical re-enactment of the Battle of city. In Persia this can be referred to as In Persia this can be referred to as taziya or taziyeh. Theatrical teams that concentrate on taziya is referred to as taziya teams. Taziyas were in style through the Qajar phratry till the first twentieth century, however the re-enactments slowly declined till they were principally abandoned within the large cities by the first Forties. nonetheless, taziyas continuing to exist in Persia on a smaller scale particularly in additional rural and ancient areas. Reza Shah, the primary of the Pahlavi phratry, had outlaw taziyas. Despite tries since 1979, Moharram processions and varied kinds of the rawza khani ar still additional common.

Live 10 Muharram 2016 Azadari Matam Taziya In Karbala




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