Mir Hasan Mir Biography:

Mir Hasan Mir is best know in the History of Noha Khawani. He is good known for his best style of Noha khawani and the exclusive videos for many Year. Mir Hasan Mir born in 10 May, 1976 in Karachi city of Pakistan. His Real Name isSyed Hasan Haider. He is professionally a good Manqabat Khawani and Noha Khawani in Pakistani Urdu language. The Mir Hasan Mir video nohay are famous all over the world among shia Muslim lovers of Zikr-e-Ahl-e-Bait and Azadari-e-Imam Hussain. Evey Shia knows about Mir Hasan Mir Nohay that are arrived each year in some new taste. The all the albums and tracks are like by whole community.  

All Praising are for only Allah, the Everlasting, the Ever Existing and Salaam and Durood on the most Supreme Creation of Allah, Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Salam of his complete Ahl-e-Bait (R.A) for whose maddha Mir Hasan Mir has devoted his voice and whole life. In 2000, Mir Hasan Mir recorded and discharged his first collection ‘KYA HUSSAIN HAI’ was discharged. The collection was extraordinarily refreshing and the react from the audience members was exceptionally promising and obviously for this achievement, Mir is unassumingly appreciative to Ahl-e-Bait (AS). The Noha quality make the shia’s more impressive and so they like Mir sahib. Mir Hasan Mir Nohay Pictures

He trusts, this zikr not just took him to the pinnacles of popularity additionally empowered him to make awesome companions who have dependably been strong of him and guided him to end up the individual he is today. Some of his companions who are incredible donors towards his prosperity are Ustad Sibt-e-Jafar Zaidi, Ustad Pyare Khan (marhoom), Syed Abrar Hussain and Syed Mukhtar Hussain. The all Punjabi Saraiki and Urdu Nohay by Mir Hasan Mir can be free download here by viral video status online. 

Like Nadeem Sarwar, Mir Hasan mir also have good reputation for Noha Khawani. Mir extraordinarily values his kinship with these prestigious identities and every single other companion who have remained close by for the duration of his life. This post is about the best collection of Mir Hasan Mir Nohay 2016 2017 Best HD Video & MP3 Download free for mobile and pc in good quality…

Mir Hasan Mir Nohay Best Audio mp3 & video Collection

Muslim Kay Shahzaday Noha by Mir Hasan Mir

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Logo Merey Hussain Ko youtube HD video

Also download best Farhan Ali waris Nohay 2017 free.

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Bhai Bhai Pukarti Rahi Main by Mir Hassan Mir

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Kya Likha Fatima Mir Hasan Mir Video Nohay 2017

Kya Likha Fatima DOWNLOAD in MP3

Yeh Karbala Hai full Noha by Mir Hasan Mir

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Bazar main Zainab ne Mir hasan Mir 2016-2017 HD video nohay

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Jab Bhi Ho Karbobala Aap Ka Jana Bhayya by Mir Hassan Mir 2017 HD

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Main Dhi Zahra (sa) Di Haan Punjabi New Nohay Mir Hasan Mir 

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Sar E Abbas Aata Hai Latest Nohay Mir Hassan Mir 2016-2017

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Tere Baghair Akbar Mir Hussan Mir full Video Nohay 2016 2017

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Noha Khawan Mir Hasan Mir Wikipedia: 

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