Islamabad (Sunday, July 17, 2016). Model Qandeel Baloch was invited to the wedding : Mufti Abdul qavi admitted that.

 Mufti Abdul Abdul qavi said that he was talking to a group of media was invited to the wedding glass Baloch Multan Mufti Abdul Abdul qavi He said the glass he never forgave and not hatred in my heart for this glass Baloch said Pakistan was basically to meet the PTI chief Imran Khan had promised to come to the .meeting with Khan The Mufti after Abdul Abdul qavi ordinary photos scene with glass Baloch Internet PTI was Abdul Abdul qavi removed from office. The Mufti Abdul Qavi Refused to Qandeel Baloch Nimaze Janaza video is here.

Mufti Abdul Qavi Refused to Qandeel Baloch Nimaze Janaza

but he clanned the PTI led him from his post Removing he confirmed that moon sighting committee has only suspend their membership Mufti mighty said in his heart sympathy for glass because glass to fast had started and had a tendency to religious education he claimed that the flames had spoken to some Quranic Signs in detail and made them aware of Islam for glass she had been aware of the jealousy and evil eye some Abdul Abdul qavi said that religious scholars .

Are good for people game and people with no respect When glass praised Pakistan s Maulvi Abdul Abdul qavi said he was reflecting the true face of Pakistani women, despite the mistakes they made Qandeel Baloch as a brave woman Maulvi Abdul Abdul qavi claimed that he refused completely of glass apologizmg for his sins I asked them what was the right way I had .

Proposed marriage to the new life he called a funeral prayer for glass Multan civil society members.



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