Famous Pakistani scholar and Alme Dine Mufti Abdul Qavi have recently got a Aftar party with scandal queen of Pakistan Qandeel Baloch by Selfies and proposing her among the whole via TV channels and Social media. Qandeel Baloch and Mufti Abdul Qavi are meeting each other from months but now Molvie have proposed her on twitter account and uploaded the selfie pictures on social media. An anchor asked her why you are doing so shameful work. Then Mufti Abdul Qavi replied “are you available for me if Not Qandeel Baloch “. Watch here Qandeel Baloch & Mufti Abdul Qavi Scandal 2016 on youtube and dailymotion.

Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch & Mufti Abdul Qavi Scandal video 2016 Which They eat Iftar party by taking selfies together and appears very close Mufti Abdul Qavi also purposing Qandeel Baloch for Wedding.

Model Qandeel Baloch iftar with Mufti Abdul Qavi

Mufti Abdul Qavi proposed Qandeel Baloch in After party dailymotion



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