Controversial model Baloch brother gunned down the flock. PC Multan Azhar Ikram confinned killed. Akram said Pakistan s Azhar glass btayatha police telephoned to kill.

Police were reported killed in a fight to the Model Baloch s great brother of the Model Qandeel Baloch Find gyy. pulys According to records . filed at the same time According to his wife s Model Qandeel Baloch and son were sleeping on the roof with Waseem Baloch was killed by the flames and fled with cash and mobile. Lit s great that when they were up and came down at 10 o clock.

Baloch was not awake when he awoke to flames. Out to check that she is dead. Moon Lit Night Neighborhood Baloch murder of model and actress based in Muzaffargarh thyn. Famous Model Qandeel Baloch news spread like wildfire across the country.



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