Beautiful Shab e Meraj Speech in Urdu by Imran Attari sahib the Nigrane Shura of Dawat-e-Islami. Watch live shab e meraj speech shab e meraj speech in urdu language. The shab e meraj speech in hindi. Ascension amazing miracles Prophet Muhammad Mustafa. He started to open the locked doors of the extraordinary feats was the exploration of the universe. Man walking forward knocked on doors close exploration and sacred mission of exploring the complex ways in space. Brake short night when Allah Almighty God’s mercy was upon the cross on the end capacities salutes the mosque Aqsa Holy Mosque, but into heaven (Cosmos) ” able parentheses ” and ” get low ‘lead’ places high and you have to be established on this earth minerals in the groundwater hour after short-term stay there long. history shab e meraj shab e meraj 2016 on youtube.

Speech of Shab e Meraj Complete Bayan in Urdu by Molana Imran Attari



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