Islamabad (Sunday, July 17, 2016) What did Qandeel Balaoch at the time of Murdered. Controversial model and actress was known for killing Baloch glass. According to details from Qandeel Balaoch were murdered in their rented house where his brother was killed.

They also keep the time fierce resistance to the killing of Baloch brothers Qandeel Balaoch measure, but then efforts could be fruitful. Police sources say the model s glass Baloch alleged to have been strangled to death, but down from Muzaffarabad. police and rescue organization also accused the then rushed to the scene of the arrest .hyn.uaqay the raids are being conducted sources say Pakistan moon Lit night Muzaffarabad area residents say thyn.qndyl Green Town Green Town Baloch but I was renting a house means that glass house Baloch brother kills sister for honor.

Qandeel is present in the body Dad Baloch room which police have taken possession and autopsy banana Interior Ministry said security model glass Baloch were security concerns be taken to hospital, said the ga .zraya I asked, but they did not provide security.



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